Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How big is the booth?

 A. The booth is approx. 8ft wide, 8ft long, and 8ft tall. However, we do require a 10ft wide, 15ft long combined area for processing.

Q. Is there a photographer inside the booth?

 A. Strangely common question but no, there is no human  photographer inside the booth! There is however a highly sophisticated  photographic system living in there that has a creative flair and an eye  for the ridiculous making it the prefect party photographer. 

Q. What color is the booth curtain?

A.  Our curtains are black however, we have multiple options for backgrounds. Let us know what your needs are and we will taylor to them.

Q. How many people can it fit at one time?

Typically our booth can fit up to 10 people in the booth at one time.

Q. What is the quality of the photo strips?

 A. We use commercial grade dye-sublimation printers and  only the best paper which means that our prints are the highest quality  and they are dry to touch as soon as they leave the booth. They are  also matte laminated to make them ultra tough and ‘accident’ resistant! 

Q. What do the photo strips look like?

 A. Our booths are capable of printing 2x6 inch or 4x6 photos which gives a lot of creative freedom for the strip  design. We can custom  design your strip with logos, colors, backgrounds and overlays. Contact Us if you would like to see more examples of what’s available.